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WELA has been providing international business development, consulting, coaching and educational services to European and American companies and institutions since 1983. 

Our firm assists our clients in all aspects of setting up overseas operations.  We help clients define objectives and the strategies to achieve them - and then we implement them.  We can:

√ Do market research and provide “reality checks”
√ Identify and qualify partners
√ Initiate high-level introductions
√ Provide a cross-cultural perspective and assistance in negotiations
√ Act as ongoing liaison

We offer our clients the following BENEFITS:

New profit centers.  Our clients sell more products/services and realize more profits overseas through the relationships our firm helps create.

Lower cost.  Our knowledge of European and American business practices and our long-established network of contacts on both continents prevent costly mistakes and reduce legal, travel, communications and other expenses.  Through our outsourcing activity in Poland, we can lower substantially costs for performing existing business functions.

Quicker turnaround.  Our language and cultural skills assure that the right questions are raised, the answers understood and the results obtained with minimal delay.

Fewer unpleasant surprises.  Our 30+ years in this business allow us to anticipate problems, evaluate risks and keep our firm’s clients aware of the environment in which they work and potential pitfalls.  This aspect has particular importance during the early stages of the overseas operation.

Chance-of-a-lifetime personal growth opportunities. Our clients develop relationships with individuals on the other continent and enter into the local life in ways that most visitors never experience.

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